Producer, Cinematographer, Editor, Occasional Co-Host. Produced by Reel Feed. 

Button Bash was one of the first series I helped produce at Reel Feed. It is a bi-weekly videogame news and review series for Reel Feed's content network and youtube. 

Alanah has been a friend for years and I'd always wanted to collaborate with her. As a gamer, the chance to get into game journalism and work with one of it's best contributors (Alanah now works for IGN) was something I just couldn't refuse. Videogame news moves at a million miles per hour. Stories break fast and deadlines are strict. The audience expects top notch presentation, accuracy and a unique perspective. It is a very fun series to be a work on. 

(For this particular episode Alanah asked me to co-host due to my ravenous interest in the Metal Gear series)

Watch it here.
And see more of Alanah's stuff here.